3 Things That I Love to Hate (And Why I Actually Love Them)


Hate is a strong word. It’s a strong emotion. Scientists say that there is a fine line between love and hate. See here. Most religions say that hate isn’t an emotion that we should revel, but something that we should learn to release. Forgive and forget right? Except let’s get real right now, sometimes it just feels good to focus your negative energy towards something. That’s why villains are necessary in stories, movies, and, sadly, they also exist in the real world. Villains bring people together and get them to work against an “unnecessary evil.” I mean, who doesn’t love to hate Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge, the Joker, or Ramsay Bolton?

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are three things I love to hate.


The beginning of the week. The beginning of school and work. The beginning of having to be out of bed by 8 AM. Sometimes Monday just means the start of doing things you aren’t fond of, whether that be an accounting class or work you aren’t passionate about. (Full disclosure: I love my current job and class. This is from past experience.) As the Mama’s & the Papa’s put it, “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.”


As terrible as they may be a Monday always seem refreshing. It’s a new week. There are so many possibilities. I may “hate” Mondays, but actually, I’m always way more motivated to get stuff done. Not to mention have you seen the myriad of funny memes and posts about “Monday sucks, insert crying face, give me coffee.” I’m a sucker for a funny meme. Also, who doesn’t love the feeling of sharing a mutual hate for something of small importance. Bad TV shows and music, villains, days of the week? For humans, having a mutual object that you love to hate really brings the human population together.

Working Out

Let’s be real if the human population was polled and asked if they could give up working out and still keep it fit, the majority of people would be all for it. I personally would be the first person on board with that. One of my favorite hobbies is movie marathoning. It’s a hobby I take seriously. Very seriously. I make sure my phone is far away, I have my laptop available for random internet surfing during the slow parts, I’m surrounded by pillows, snacks are falling from the ceiling, basically it’s a huge deal and I don’t play. So as you can decipher getting up and getting in my cardio and squats isn’t included in my ideal day.

I don’t hate you. I’m just not necessarily excited about your existence.

I’m working on it though. Sometimes a good sweat session on the treadmill gets me out of a funk. I actually hate the feeling I have in the middle of the workout. That out of breath, heart won’t stop pounding, waves of sweat are pouring down my face and back, I will you pay you a hundred dollars to stop working out right this instant feeling. On a really good day or if I’m working out with other people I can ignore that feeling. My body feels more energized. My mouth won’t stop forming words as I talk at the person who’s supposed to be bicep curls right next to me. That’s a good day.

My favorite part of a workout is when it’s over. Runner’s high is real y’all. It’s addictive. So as much as I hate getting off the couch heartlessly turning off Shakespeare In Love I’m willing to spend an hour away to find that feeling again.

Valentine’s Day

You’re tacky and hate you. – Billy, School of Rock

Ah, the holiday of love, what day could be more annoying? Is there a day that a single girl like me could possibly love to hate more? Let me list the reasons. One, not an actual holiday. It was created by companies to boost sales during the slow season. I do like the concept of celebrating love, but the romantic in me questions why we don’t celebrate something as great as love every day. Like for real, I don’t need a holiday to tell me to express my feelings or buy gifts for a person I care about. Two, there’s a whole stigma about being single on V-day. And there shouldn’t be. Don’t tell anyone who’s trying to date me, but I love being single and I’m not in a hurry to change that anytime soon. Being single is fun! I can do what I want when I want within reason.

On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is a great day to spread the love. I’m talking take your friends out for a nice dinner, treat yourself to some great chocolate and a cup of warm, pleasant tea, or, if you have a significant other, spend some time with them doing something you enjoy. It’s a sappy holiday. I love to say that I loathe it and think it’s overrated. And yet, I go out of my way to watch movies that are filled with romance and read books that have a dialogue between two characters that is full of rich text that sparks a love connection. What can I say I’m a softie.


Well, there you have it. That’s what I love to hate. Or maybe I just secretly love it. Honestly, it’s probably that one. But whatever it is, I hope you all have a wonderful, love-filled Valentine’s Day and the rest of the year.

If you hadn’t seen the form below yet, go ahead and tell me what you love to hate. Or what you love to love. Or just even say hi. Until next time!




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