Blogging, Inspiration, & Rambling Thoughts

Turns on TV, fires up Netflix, flips through watch list, can’t settle on anything to watch, goes to Watch Again column, clicks on That’s 70’s Show, flings self back on futon, grabs laptop, remembers that hydration exists, puts laptop on table, pours a glass of water, eats a kiwi, sits back down on the futon, picks up laptop, logs into WordPress.

I like to think that I have blogging figured out.

It turns out that I don’t. No surprise there. There are people out there who make a schedule for when they brainstorm ideas, write, edit, revise, re-edit, and publish posts. Posts are written way ahead of time and even everything they plan on writing about is decided way in advance. That type of writing and planning is so appealing to me. I’ve even come as far to put that system into practice. It’s just that inspiration doesn’t always strike me when I set aside time to write. When I’m walking home from class or to warm up before my workout is when most of my ideas hit me.

Which is why I’m writing this blog post last minute because I realized I was supposed to write about creating and following a budget. The thing is I’ve created a budget for myself recently, but I am struggling to stick with it. So why should I be giving advice on a topic when I’m not even sure I know what I’m talking about?

I want to talk about seizing the moment when inspiration hits and not doubting where that inspiration comes from. I’ve never been led astray by following my gut. Call it intuition if you must. A majority of the things that have brought me happiness in life have come from having this intuitive feeling and following it where it takes me. This includes relationships, choosing a degree, purchasing clothes, picking out music to listen to and/or learn, jobs, and more. And it’ll probably continue to be that way the rest of my life.

For example, dating. Everyone I’ve ever dated I knew I was going to date. I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but it’s like I saw them, and all of a sudden, I just knew. Nothing had changed, it was just a realization. That realization happened when I picked Music Industry as my major. And again when I realized I want to move out of Minnesota at some point soon after completing college. And again when I signed up for the half marathon I’m currently training for. And again when I realized I want to go to grad school for either Journalism or Marketing.

The problem is, much like writer’s block during my scheduled writing time, I haven’t been hit with inspiration lately. This is the time when I need some intuitive force signaling me which way to go. I’m about to graduate from college! I need an internship! I have no money to move out of state for the really amazing opportunities I’ve discovered! And I’m freaking out.  I’ve probably just been severely overthinking everything. Maybe I just need to go on a longer walk and let the ideas form.

When you become an adult life can get scary. Suddenly, you’re in charge and there are a million options and all of them have pros and cons. I have no idea what I’m doing after May 6 and I have no idea where I’m living after July 31. It’s both exciting and extremely terrifying. If I feel this way I can only imagine other people do as well. But it’ll all work out eventually. I’m going to make sure that it does because I wouldn’t want it any other way.


And thank you. For letting me ramble and share my random thoughts with you. Until next time.






3 thoughts on “Blogging, Inspiration, & Rambling Thoughts

  1. yugenmeraki says:

    But I guess the one written suddenly..just cz you are filled up with thoughts and emotions are natural and expressive~~ Agreed though that pre-thought ones are good…but the other one’s more natural and interesting to read !! Keep writing~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yugenmeraki says:

    I think the one written suddenly, are more expressive and convey the emotions. The ones which are veru well thought can be boring at times (no offence, they are very goo of course), but for me the suddem written ones are more natural and way more interesting ~~ keep writing ! 👍


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