This Is Just See You Later

befunky-designSometimes the best way to start something is to just jump in. That’s exactly what I did with Mess In Progress. I jumped. Blindly, but with an idea, an ambition, and energy. I set challenging goals. I wrote about things that are personal and important to me. As much as I wanted to have followers, create a presence, and build a community, that’s not why I wrote. I wrote for me.

And I’m jumping in once again, but this time with a clear vision of where I’m headed. Mess In Progress is going on temporary hiatus. Taking this break saddens me, but I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, that Mess In Progress will be back January 2017. Which isn’t that far away, so please hold all of your tears.

I came to the realization that I was actually pushing off homework and other obligations to write. I don’t know if you know, but you have to do the homework in order to pass the class in order to get a degree. Then I stopped writing all together so I could get things done, which left me miserable. I love blogging and I want Mess In Progress to be the absolute best that it can be, but I have obligations, like school and work.

These next two months off are going to be busy for me. I get to go to Europe for two weeks. I’ve never been abroad before and I can’t wait to tell you about everything. I’m going home to spend time with my family who I don’t see enough. And I’ll also be updating the blog. Redesigning it to make it more accessible, a new layout, brand new pictures of the adorable writer (moi), and planned-out, creative, thought-provoking content. Which means while nothing may be getting posted, I’m writing. I’m writing a shit ton.

I can’t wait to unveil the new and improved Mess In Progress. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. And on that note some advice while I’m “away”: Don’t forget to love and support each other. Your thoughts, opinions, and voice are beautiful and important. You are important. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are never alone.

Embrace your messy, beautiful life this holiday season and spread the love, hugs, and smiles.

See you soon,



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